Week Three

This is the third week of our social distancing. We have left the house, other than for walks on our property or rural road only 4 times. Three of those were for groceries, one, a failed attempt to walk in the National Forest where there were so many cars, we returned home.

I had read that the local grocer opened at 9 a.m. for seniors so I left with a list this morning to be there when they opened. When I arrived, the sign on the door said they opened at 7 for seniors. There weren’t too many cars in the lot, so I went ahead. The shelves were not well stocked, but I was able to get most of what I was seeking, using the hand scanner (I sanitized with a disinfecting wipe first) so that I didn’t have to have another person handle the items and so that I could load them directly into a washable bag. I had worn clothing that could all be washed in hot water on my return, had taken a canister of disinfecting wipes to wipe down my car handles, debit card, and hard surfaces of bottles and cans before putting them away. When I got in the lobby, an employee asked whether I wanted a small or large cart, sprayed it down, wiped the handle before letting me take it in the store. Once home, bags were emptied in the utility room. Hard packaging wiped down, other items put on shelves until needed, bags were tossed into the washer. Clothing was stripped and put in washer and a hot shower was taken. After the shower the stall was sprayed down with 1% bleach spray and towel added to the washer and it was run. There are still no reported cases in the New River Valley, but I wanted to keep us safe.

Today’s walk was on our farm. Since my farm walk a couple day ago, a partial skull appeared on the edge of the field. I can’t identify skulls, so I don’t know what critter it belonged to, and it was missing parts.

In the field there were many mysterious holes about the size of a half dollar, I expect skunks looking for grubs. And two ankle breaking size holes that I expect are ground hog holes. One in my path, so I filled it with rocks and took a picture of the other.

There were some wildflowers I can’t identify and the day lilies are up both in the cultivated bed and huge patches of them along the creek where I planted a few corms 15 years ago before the house was finished. The ones up by the creek came from my Dad’s garden and have multiplied and spread.

As long as I can get out to walk or garden, I will be okay. I tried to start the riding mower and it is out of fuel and wouldn’t start. There is no fuel here, I will have to go to the village and self pump a couple of 3 gallon cans. I also have to pump up a front tire and hope it holds air.

2 thoughts on “Week Three”

  1. I wish people here were as safety minded as you are. People are hoarding everything they can get their hands on.

    1. There were many bare spots. No beans, rice, tuna, paper products, cleaning supplies, wipes or hand sanitizer. Since there is now a case in the New River Valley, we are home bound.

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