Slow garden, lazy processer

The daily social media memory photos show lots of produce, much canning done and being done. The garden is slower this year. There were plenty of zucchini, enough to get tired of them. Enough cucumbers to ferment 3 quarts, quick pickle 2 half gallon jars, and plenty for daily cucumber salads or slices in green salads.

There were probably 3 1/2-4 gallons of tomatoes that I put in the freezer until there was no more room in the refrigerator freezer for them. I failed to core and cut out bad spots before I froze them, so this afternoon when I prepared to deal with them, coring and paring bad spots on frozen tomatoes was a challenge. Freezing them does allow for easy peeling. Once peeled and cored as well as possible, they were put on medium heat in my largest pot and cooked down for about 5 hours. Not wanting to haul out the canner at 8 p.m., the seasoned sauce was ladled into quart freezer bags, a couple wide mouth pints for freezing, and 2 regular mouth pints to use for dinner tomorrow night. That puts 5 3/4 quarts of pasta sauce away for winter.

The gallon of tomatoes that were harvested yesterday, were cored and bad spots cut out before they were put in a bag and frozen. Maybe when there is another pot full of tomatoes, some will be canned for shelf stability. The peppers are very slow, the plants are still small. I may have to purchase some jalapenos to make a batch of Rotel style tomatoes. Year before last the pepper was poor, last year there were plenty for canning, freezing, and using in sauces.

Tomorrow, two small eggplants will be fermented or made into Caponata.

As for the remainder of the garden season, the Tomatillos are beginning to ripen, though the first half dozen were spoiled on the plants. The pumpkins are taking over the garden. The vines have been redirected to the point that I am going to have to cut the ends to slow them down and just let them form whatever pumpkins that they will produce. Cucumbers will be harvested for fresh consumption and fed to the chickens. The peppers will hopefully produce more fruit in the next 7-8 weeks. It would nice to can some and make Salsa Verde and Tomatillo simmer sauce.