After returning from the fiber retreat on Sunday, I dedicated most of my at home craft time to finish weaving the scarf that I warped last week. I had spun a beautiful skein of fingering weight Romeldale CVM roving that I had purchased from my friend and local shepherd at Sunrise Valley Farm, Gail Groot. It was soft and even, but not enough to do an entire scarf. An online friend, Ellen Sakornbut, of Fiber Curios on Etsy has some lovely fingering weight mill spun yarn of 60% Shetland Lamb and 40% baby Alpaca that coordinated beautifully with the CVM.

After the above photo was taken, I repaired the lead row, I had failed to shift the shed after inserting the spacer, so I pulled that one and pushed the next one up firmly. The loom was warped with both yarns and the weft weave alternated the two yarns in 8″ long blocks.

Tonight I cut it from the loom, it is 5’8″ long plus 4″ fringe on each end. It is slightly more than 7″ wide.

After the fringe was twisted, this photo was taken before it was soaked and laid out to block and dry overnight.

It is soft with the beautiful yarns. I hope it finds a home with someone who will love it and enjoy it.

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