Not What We Expected

We knew last night was going to be colder than the past couple of weeks, but didn’t expect to wake this morning to this:

Since the road was clear, we went on to the Farmer’s Market for weekly supplies and it was so cold and windy. A quick trip to Michaels to get embroidery floss to do a visible repair on my favorite WoolX zip up hoodie, and then to brave the cold wind, blowing snow sideways to take our walk. The snow on the ground is already gone, but it is still snowing parallel to the ground due to the strong wind.

Since there was already wood in the rack in the garage, a fire to burn some papers we didn’t want to throw out and to provide warmth and ambience on this cold and windy day, seemed to be in order.

The old guy loves to be near the fire when it is burning.

Except to try to figure out how to further protect the greens in the low ground greenhouse, we will stay hunkered down in the house for the remainder of the day.

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