They Are Here

A 24 foot box truck backed down our 2/10 mile curvy gravel driveway and unloaded a 394 lb pallet into our garage.

The pallet contains the 2 bee hives, assembled and hive bodies and supers, frames, and accessory boards all in assorted cardboard boxes. The bases are coming separately according to Son 2. The bees will follow in a few weeks. There will be a lot of cardboard that can be used to create a ground layer under the hives that can be heavily mulched so mowing won’t have to happen under them. The position of the hives will be behind or below a cistern system we have for rainwater runoff that runs to a yard hydrant and that area is heavy with vetch all spring and summer long that the bees will love. There is an area near the proposed placement that isn’t mowed because of large rocks, but excess bearded Iris have been dumped there a few times, so in addition to wildflowers, wild berries, there are Iris flowers very close by. In front of the cistern system not too far away is the walled garden full of perennials, annuals, and herbs. The back and side of the garage have beds that are full of flowers, the vegetable garden with it’s blooms nearby, and 30 acres of wild flowers between hay mowings. Lots of pollen producers for the bees.

For now, it is still wrapped on the wooden pallet it arrived on.

This morning was sunny and mild, so the potted herbs went outside for a few hours. Then it clouded and chilled off, so back in for the next 5 nights that vary from 21 f to 33 f. The little ground greenhouse stayed closed today, but will be opened during the sunny days and closed at night. Tomorrow is cold with rain and possible snow showers off and on all day, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday are slightly milder during the daylight hours, but bitter at night. The last frost date is still a few weeks off, but temperatures in the 20’s should be about to end. This comes just as the peach, plum, and one of the pears have bloomed, so there may be little or no fruit from them. The apples and other pear haven’t bloomed yet. The lilacs are heavily budded, but not open and the Forsythia will probably tolerate it, if not, we have had several days of pretty yellow to enjoy.

Spring takes 3 steps forward and 1 or 2 backward this time of year, but it is moving toward garden season.

2 thoughts on “They Are Here”

  1. How exciting that you’re getting bees! I hope it is a wonderful adventure. My sister has been a beekeeper for years and loves it. She really gets attached to the “girls” in her hives.

    1. Gail, it will be a learning curve. Son 2 asked to put the hives here. We bought one a few years ago through the grant program that Virginia had and it was at his house in Virginia Beach, but was unsuccessful. He has subsequently taken a bee keeping class and will have to teach me what I need to do in his absence as he visits when job allows with his family. We had a neighbor that kept several hives, but he moved about 5 miles away and I lost contact with them. My brother used to keep hives, but he also isn’t nearby.

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