Recovery, Rest, and Resurrection

Life is resuming. Daughter is doing better. Son 1 has returned to his home, his family, and his job. Each day, a bit more is being done here at home. After 5 days in the hospital and now 5 days home, we are working on my stamina. We have taken a few walks, the first a slow slightly less than a mile, the second a mile and a half, but still slow and with a halfway point rest. Today, I challenged myself with a 30 minute interval walk; 5 minutes warm-up, 20 minutes at a much livlier pace, and 5 minute cool down and did it without a rest. It was just barely over a mile and a half.

The month’s spinning challenge is a relatively easy one, just spin 15 minutes each day. The month challenge begun with the wool for my breed blanket. It is Shropshire, not my favorite of the breeds spun. I am spinning it plying on the fly so making a three ply yarn. It will make a fairly dense square when finished and knit.

The wool spun last month was plied on my wheel, making about 500 yards of very soft fingering weight yarn. It is currently drying.

In the past couple of days, I have knit more of the Helsinge wool that I also spun last month into two more squares for my blanket. Those two squares are blocked and drying.

I am indebted to Lisa who sent me the wool in two separate packages, the first with a spindle purchased from her, the second as a gift. This provided me enough wool to knit three squares to be added to the project.

The young hens are laying well. Most days there are at least 11 eggs. One day, hubby gathered 13, one per hen. Though each egg is usually about 1.7 ounces, yesterday I got one that was 3.1 ounce and a double yolked egg. Today there was another about 2.5 ounces and I’m betting it too will have 2 yolks.

Life moves on at a slower pace, but moving on. Daughter and her kids came over this morning to pick apples and we brought another bucket in the house for me to make another batch of applesauce. I am going to attempt the reuseable lids again, but be prepared to freeze the jars if they don’t seal properly. The freezer has many tomatoes, but I think they will just be used as needed. Other than planting garlic in early November, the planned fall garden won’t happen this year. The second crop of bush beans have been totally eaten to stems, so there won’t be any crop there. There will be peppers, but not enough to pickle jars and jars for the winter. It will soon be time to clean up the beds and let it rest until spring.

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