Autumn is falling

Though the temperature today was more like mild summer, when we went on our walk, the evidence of autumn is everywhere.

A cluster of red leaves from a broken oak branch amid the fallen leaves on the trail.

The wood ferns are all browning.

Leaves littering the path, geese resting in the pond before continuing their southward journey. Usually several spend the winter at the pond.

At home, the trees are turning and one young maple has already dropped it’s leaves.

The ridge line we see coming from town is the last to green up in the spring and the first to begin yellowing in the autumn. Soon the woods will be bare and the wildlife can be seen staying away from the open fields and in the edge of the woods. The woods to our north east have thinned enough to begin seeing our nearest neighbor’s house that can only be seen from our house in winter.

The temperatures will fall back after tomorrow to more fall like weather and we will get rain from Delta on the weekend. The frost that was predicted disappeared and I see no chance for at least 2 weeks.

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