Spin, knit, cook, read, walk, and vote

The bulk of my time with the garden in Autumn decline is to spin on my spindles.

Knit on a project I can’t share yet, as it is a gift.

Cook at home. When you want Lasagna and it makes way too much for two, get creative. If Stouffers can do it, so can I.

One for the oven, three for the freezer to be enjoyed on other nights. Made with local cheese, my pasta sauce.

Re-reading for about the 10th time my favorite book that recenters me each time I read it and reinforces my belief in buy local, eat local, grow it yourself if you can.

Take walks at the pond, there is always something new to see. The wildfowl have been absent for the summer, but there was a pair of ducks, an 18″ long garter snake, the usual plethora of turtles, and lovely light play in the woods.

One of these causes seasonal allergies, one does not, do you know which?

We had decided to vote absentee ballot this year due to the pandemic, but today when they came, we drove them straight to the county seat unopened and voted early in person.

No crowd, no line, two masked workers behind a shield wall, so safe and no chance that our ballot would be dismissed for whatever reason. Then we got home to find an article from Forbes on how the Trump Campaign is actively considering how to bypass the results if he doesn’t win. What happened to free and fair elections in this country? What will happen to this country?

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