Today’s Walk

After early heavy rain this morning, the day turned beautiful. It is muggy because of all the rain, but blue sky, so after making a homemade pizza, I took a walk. Without raincoat and boots. My usual route is a fair amount of elevation change, up our long driveway, down our gravel road, over our creek, then uphill to the top of the hill for which our road is named. From there, I leave the road for a farm road through the woods. Until the grass gets about knee deep, I cross the neighbor’s field to a lower farm road and then back to the gravel road and home. The field has gotten too tall and with the tick load this year, I have quit doing that part and when I get to the end of the woods road, I turn around and retrace my steps.

I love the lightplay on the hill as I walk the woods road.

My favorite part of the walk.

The rain didn’t knock down all of the Rhododendron blooms.

Lots of fungi from the rain, this one was pretty.

If you have ever seen the movie “Dirty Dancing,” the lodge where it was filmed is just over the crest of that mountain, about 4 miles and 2000 feet higher beyond us.

It was nice to get out in the air, in the woods, and get some exercise.

My nine hens aren’t producing eggs in the quantity that they did last year. One has been broody for at least 6 weeks. Usually after the 22 days needed to hatch eggs, they give up, but not this one. I have isolated her away from the nesting boxes, dipped her repeatedly in cool water, and nothing will break her. I guess this fall it will be time to start with new flock. I think I will go back to the big bodied, gentle Buff Orpingtons. Last night when I went out to gather the eggs and lock them up for the night, I found an apparent misfire.

When I cracked it this morning, it was just white, no yolk.

Yesterday I wound off the yarn I had plied from the Peacock colored gradient braid. The greens were an additional 212+ yards for a total of 506+ yards of light fingering weight yarn to become the yoke of a new sweater for me.

The next week will be more like a typical summer with hotter temperatures, more humidity and some thunderstorms.

Stay safe. Wear your mask for my safety, I wear mine for yours.

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  1. The road through the ridge is my favorite place on the farm. I go there sometimes just to quiet my thoughts and ease my worries.

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