So Much For Schedules

Late last week, we received a call asking if today, Wednesday was a good day to deliver my new rocking recliner. Nothing taking us far from home was planned, so we said yes. We were then informed that we would receive a call yesterday to let us know when we had to be home for the delivery. No call, but later in the evening, I spotted a text message saying it would be between 1:30 and 4:30 p.m.

This morning with that in mind, we set out for town by 10:30 to take the old chair to the dump, pick up some groceries, a med that had been refilled, to get fuel for the car, and grab a quick lunch. We had plenty of time to do that and be home before 1:30. At 11:30, a text was received that they would be there in 20 minutes, but I was driving and didn’t see it until I had parked and there was a second text that they were 10 minutes out. Town is 20 minutes from our house. Stressing that we would miss them and they wouldn’t leave the chair, we dropped all errands yet undone and headed home. About 5 minutes from home, they called wondering where we were. Hubby told them we had been notified that the delivery wouldn’t be before 1:30 and they apologized indicating that they were quicker than expected and would it be ok to just leave it on the porch. Yes, of course. But we continued on the 5 more minutes, passing the truck as it went down the mountain. The huge box was marked on all 4 sides with instructions for them “Do not open,” “Drop ship only.” Getting the box slide into the house was fairly easy and to ensure that there was no damage, we went on and opened the carton. The seat back was easy enough to remove and carry up the stairs. The seat part was another story. After splaying out all of the flaps and turning the box over, we extricated the main part of the chair from the box, but it was too heavy for me to carry upstairs alone.

Since hubby is still recovering from his most recent bout of illness, we left it sitting and returned to town to pick up where we left off on the errand list. Of course, this entire time, my mind is busy trying to figure out how we were going to manage this without calling in the assistance of a strong grandson and daughter’s fiance, or begging a neighbor.

Errands accomplished, groceries stored away, trash cleaned up from the packing material and we decided that if I was on the upside, lifting a step or two at a time with rest periods allowed, we could manage it. I managed to pinch hubby’s hand between the chair and the footrest, but we got it to the top. Once there, I could finish the job of placing it, putting the back on it and testing it out.

It seems like a good place to nap or read.

Thank you for my new chair, Babe.

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