Getting In Shape

I have long known that in addition to cardio workouts, weight training was also important, especially as we age. Being no spring chicken and having had a couple of injuries long ago, that had contributed to bursitis and arthritis in hands and shoulders, then rupturing my left bicep tendon helping the old Mastiff to his feet using a beach towel, it became more imperative to do something about it. We had 5, 10, and 15 pound free weights, but I needed guidance.

Hubby gave me a gift certificate for training at the gym where we have a membership through our Medicare Supplemental Insurance. The head trainer, based on my brief note of age and what I wanted, connected me with the perfect trainer. She is a young mom, less than half my age, but with a few health issues herself. Her plan that varies each week has stretches first, weight bearing exercises with free weights or resistance bands, and stretches to end. If an exercise or stretch causes pain in my shoulder, she quickly modifies it or changes the exercise to one that will help with my flexibility and strength without causing more injury. Each weekly session is 30 minutes and I get to the gym in time to do a couple brisk miles on the treadmill prior to the session. I did purchase a resistance band and a 3 lb free weight so I can do the session at home between weekly meetings with her. The motivation of getting together, the plans she emails me after the session have really helped me get going. Today, I signed up for more sessions, so I will work with her for 6 weeks. Since the sessions are reasonably priced, I may continue adding weeks with her as I go along, as long as she feels she has something to offer.

With the floor space, a mat, and a bench, the loft is the perfect place to put in 30 minutes of training a day, rotating through the plans she has sent home with me.

When we get hubby’s energy level back up, we will extend and speed up our daily walks together, but this is a slow recovery for him this time.

The gift certificate was a great gift.

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