Oh Blessed Lawn Equipment

A few weeks ago, I wrote that the riding mower cable to drive the blades broke and the gas “you push it” mower wouldn’t start. They were both hauled to the repair shop two towns over and “rested” there for 2 weeks before both were returned in good working order. Grandson mowed once for me just before leaving to visit his other grandparents for the month. I mowed again a couple weeks later, but it takes me at least two days to do what he can do in a few hours because the mower beats my back to spasms. Yesterday, the riding mower was backed out of the barn and about half the yard was mowed, at least the important parts near the house and between the house and the garden, and then it just quit. Thinking it needed fuel, the tank was filled and still it would turn over, but not start. The remaining part over to the coop was mowed with the push mower.

Fortunately, it was uphill from the house when it quit. This morning, I hooked up the utility trailer and backed it up to the embankment and hubby and I rolled the mower down the embankment and onto the trailer and hauled it back to the repair guy. As soon as he turned it on, he knew the problem, clamped off the gas line and replaced the gas solenoid (didn’t know it had one or what it was). All this was done without even taking it off the trailer. Paid him $20 and left with the mower. After our walk and return home, the mower unloaded and most of the rest of the area was mowed. As I was going around the barn, I spotted blackberry canes full of berries and since I was wearing a straw hat, I picked them using the hat as a basket.

There is another patch at the top of the hill which still needed to be mowed, but the dratted mower either broke the blade belt or threw it just as I started up the hill. In frustration, the mower was parked back in the garage until I can check to see if the belt is broken or just off the pulleys. If it jumped the pulleys, it is probably stretched enough that it will break soon. It has been an issue getting the correct size belt for it. If the model number is entered, the belt suggested by Lowes is too small. The repair shop that used to deal with the mower knew which belt it took, but they are out of business/retired, and the guy that has repaired it twice this summer doesn’t have the belt size recorded.

Much of what gets mowed with the riding mower can be done with a brush hog, but ours gave up several years ago and hasn’t been replaced. Equipment is so stressful. Maybe I need sheep and goats.

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