Hay is done, Harvest has begun

The hay is baled and awaiting pick up. Just slightly more than half of last year’s cutting, but we had several freezing nights in May and a fairly dry early spring. It is what it is and they have more to add to their winter hay supply for their cattle.

The first fruit from the plum produced about 2 dozen delicious plums. Not enough for jam but I am enjoying them a few at a time. Peaches are almost ready to begin harvest. Blueberries are beginning to ripen and I also pick a handful each time we walk on one of our trails. The first planting of shelling peas was pulled today and a couple quarts of peas frozen for later use as well as enough for dinner tonight with a few new potatoes.

The first tomatoes were brought in today as well, a small cluster heirloom that are delicious.

While harvesting them, I spotted this large hornworm. The chickens thought it and a grub or two were delicious.

There are now two beds that are open, so I will plant a second planting of green beans. The sprouted cucumbers and sunflowers were planted in today. I think a few more will be planted out from seed.

Soon the potatoes will have to be dug, not just sneaking out a couple for dinner. Maybe some bolt resistant greens will go in the other bed.

The chickens have figured out how to escape the run, but since the hay is down, they can again free range.

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