Facebook Rant – 11/6/2019

For those of you who follow this blog on Facebook, you should take advantage of the subscription link on this page. As you know, I have a small from home craft shop with the registered name Cabin Crafted. This shop can be found on Etsy by going here Cabincraftedshop.com. In order to promote the shop, I decided to start a page on Facebook. I went through the entire process and when it posted, it posted with the name “1947.” I did not choose that,but I don’t know why Facebook came up with it. I had requested Cabin Crafted, obviously. I submitted a page name change and they instantly denied it. I appealed the request with the explanation that I did not choose that name, that my friends and customers knew Cabin Crafted, and the appeal was denied. I have tried one more time. If they again deny the name change, that page and my profile from Facebook will be deleted and you will only be able to get to my shop through this blog or Etsy or in person at events. You will only be able to read my blog by subscribing to it. You will still be able to reach me by commenting on the blog, by email, phone or text if you are a phone friend.

I am about done with Facebook. I know that they have rules, many of which seem arbitrary or fueled by interest groups, but too many of my shepherd friends have be blocked from selling their fleeces because of the rules. A young relative posted a rant because she was not allowed to post a link to a legitimate medical site because of the rules. Yet offensive posts, political or otherwise pop up constantly.

This may be the last post from this blog that appears on Facebook. I know I have said it before, but I think I can do without them in my life.

I would love to hear your comments on this post.

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