I might be nuts . . .

. . . or at least a bit stir crazy. For the stay at home order, I decided to do most of my spinning on spindles, rather than the wheel and to strive to spin enough yarn for a particular sweater pattern for me.

The rainbow was partly spun on spindles, finished and plied on the wheel and it is not part of the sweater plan. It is 130.5 yards with no plan in sight.

Whenever the weather is not conducive to walks, hikes, or garden. When I’m not cooking, baking, or cleaning, I am knitting on a shawl, slowly, or spindle spinning. The pile below is the result of a couple of months of being stuck at home. It is about 1200 yards of 2 ply light fingering to fingering weight yarn.

There is still several ounces of the gray Shetland and the shiny blue BFL/Silk. A small amount of the maroon wools, and 4 ounces of White Shetland. The skeins to the right of the lower row are various small skeins, some will be used, some will be held out.

We each have our means to keep busy, to settle anxiety, this has been mine. I spin on 3 Turkish spindles, I have a request for another Jenkins Turkish spindle, but so far I haven’t found one.

As a sidenote, the sun just peeked out after three days of heavy rain, flooded creeks, threatened dams. Maybe it is going to quit before we float down to the valley.

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