Mother’s Day in the Gardens

After two frigid nights, we had a beautiful day. We violated our self isolation to go through a drive through for wings and fries then over to the nursery to get a second pot of petunias for the front of the house. Then I spent some time in the back working on the rock path and planting some pots for color in the back. It has been a great day outside.

The path isn’t done by any means but every time I work on it, it gets better, more level, less unstable.

Part of the effort was creating a pad for the grill that was large enough and stable enough to use it. There was a messy nest in the firebox, a suspect a rodent, it was removed and a serious burn will be held in there before I consider using it. It has reached that age where the gas guts are deteriorating and this may be the last season for it.

Some sod was removed in the walled garden. Some of the small rocks are going to be moved to the back side of the wall to reinforce it and improve the drainage, then hopefully a load of composted soil can be brought in and dumped for more flowers, herbs, and the dye garden.

The strange weather continues until midweek when it finally warms up day and night and will rain. I guess the tomatoes and peppers will have to wait until Friday to go in the garden and some of what was planted today may have to be covered a couple more nights though we didn’t get a frost on either of the two nights it was threatened this weekend.

Right after I finished getting all of the spoiled hay down in the paths of the garden, all but the broody hen got in the garden, they trashed what I had done, dug in the peas, destroyed the spinach, and dug in the potatoes. Some of that damage has been mitigated, but I think the chicken run is going to have to be moved so they can’t get into the garden area at all except during the winter when having them scratch around is welcomed.

I would love to hear your comments on this post.