Another day on the farm

Another warm day, more showers, but enough dry to get a walk down our dead end rural road through the cow pastures. Three little red calves hanging out together.

A view from the top of the hill to our house in the hollow. Red roof to the left of center.

Other ways to spend the day included starting some fermented horseradish mustard, that will be ready in a few days. When I make pizza dough, only half gets used for the pizza for two, the second half is put in a silicone bag and frozen until next pizza night. Last night, instead of pizza, it was turned into garlic knots to accompany the spaghetti dinner.

The basket beside my chair has 3 spindles, each with a different fiber, and a knitting project. Some BFL/Silk hand spun to very light fingering weight is being used to make a scarf for my daughter, and a new pattern for my shop.

The skinny triangle scarf finished a couple of days ago came off the blocking boards and is modeled on one of my mannequins.

The weekend is much cooler and more rain early in the week. It might be treadmill days.

The peas that were planted a week and a half ago have begun to sprout. Looking forward to peas and asparagus soon. Still no evidence of the spinach.

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