Arghhh, shipping companies

About 10 days ago, we found out that we were the victim of credit card fraud. Fortunately, our card holder is terrific and they caught it before we did, notified us and hubby had an extensive conversation with them to establish which transactions were ours and which weren’t. They had already refused the fraudulent charge attempts and cancelled the card. We were told to destroy the card and a new one would be priority shipped. In the course of the conversation, it appeared to be hubby’s card so we destroyed it. No new card arrived.

Last Thursday, we took our German Shepherd to the vet to get her routine vaccinations and tried to use my card. It was denied, so a different card was used. Once home, I called the card company to find out why, only to discover it was my card that had been hacked, not hubby’s, so I had the card company send a new one to him. His arrived today, mine was still missing. Another call made to the card company. They said they would cancel the new card even though it had not been activated and would send another new card, and in the course of the conversation, I was told who the shipping company was, not the USPS. I asked them to not send the new card priority, just send it via USPS and explained that I had a history of missed deliveries by that shipping company.

After being told how it was shipped and finishing my call, I decided to scour the front area of the house. I had not been given a delivery notification, did not have a tracking number. On our front porch is an old fashioned milk can with a collection of walking sticks in it. Folded in half and stuffed to the bottom of the can was the envelope containing the missing card. According to the delivery date on the envelope, it has been there for almost a week. No note on the door, no electronic delivery notice. I am not in the habit of checking the inside of that can for mail or packages.

I’m not sure how that company stays in business.

I would love to hear your comments on this post.