Another Year

Forty two years ago tonight, we were celebrating at a rehearsal dinner and then slightly tipsy rehearsal for our wedding the next day. He proposed on New Year’s Eve and decided that Valentine’s Day was a good wedding date. If he forgot it, he said he would be in double trouble. His proposal came the night we got back from a week long ski trip to Vermont, my first real ski trip, and I had separated my shoulder on the first day and continued to ski for the rest of the week. As soon as the bus returned, we went to the Emergency Room, had my shoulder Xrayed and left in a sling. We went out for an early adult beverage and home to spend the evening alone. Our honeymoon plan was for another shorter ski trip and a lot of home therapy was done to make sure I would be physically able.

Our wedding was a small church affair on the evening of February 14. An at home reception at my parent’s home. We did get our ski trip as Valentine’s Day that year was close enough to President’s Day weekend, that neither of us had to take too much time from work.

That day was a good beginning, 3 children, 8 grandchildren, several house moves, a few pets, a few vehicles and we are a retired old married couple now, as happy now as the night he put this ring of hearts on my finger.

If he asked again, I would say “Yes” again. I love you, Babe. Happy Anniversary and Happy Valentine’s Day, love.

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