Olde Christmas 1/5/2020

Wilderness Road Regional Museum celebrated Olde Christmas today with the traditional King’s cake and the burning of the greens. There was story time at one end of the museum and my weaver friend, Kim and I at the other end. There were cookies, hot tea, and craft beer available. A roving fiddler to provide music. A Colonial toy set up by another friend, Mary.

The local militia gathered and fired off a multi gun salute.

We wove and spun for about 4 hours for visitors, discussing fiber in the Colonial era, visited with each other and guests.

I said goodbye to the wheel in my photo as it was donated today to the museum, reducing my herd to two, my huge Walking wheel and my everyday “in the style of” wheel. When I spin there, it will be one of my options for use.

Next time, someone else will take my picture, selfies don’t seem to work so well.

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