It is getting to the time to start thinking about this year’s garden. A few weeks ago, Son 1 tried to relocate one of the boxes I had made with reclaimed deck wood but it just fell to pieces. That box was adjacent to the compost area where all of the chicken coop cleanings and kitchen scraps that the chickens don’t get are put, so having a defined box is helpful. There was a galvanized metal box purchased a few years ago that was not in a good location, so after my morning Physical Training session, I moved the box and filled it.

One more 3 x 4 or 4 x 4 box needs to be added and filled. The largest box that got overwhelmed with pumpkin vines last year was cleared of the dead vines and raked smooth. The asparagus bed that was burned off a couple of weeks ago was raked. It still needs to be mulched with old hay.

Once back in the house, the garden plan template was updated and a planting plan designed for this year’s garden. Some items I have planted in the past won’t be in this year’s garden. Many of those items are ones I can purchase at the Farmer’s Market and when grown at home produce more than we can use in a harvest and we don’t care for canned or frozen, so will just be enjoyed seasonally by purchase.

Most of the seed is on hand. My favorite Garden Center reopens tomorrow for 2024, so the remaining seeds can be purchased there. If I can figure out a way to make a mini greenhouse, the lettuce and spinach will be transplanted out during this week’s warm spell.

The Amaryllis given to me Christmas 2023 in bloom by a good friend is about to burst open again for this year. Once it finishes it’s bloom and begins to produce leaves, it will summer on the deck and hope that again it blooms next year. An ever lasting gift.

I would love to hear your comments on this post.