Sometimes we err!

Being one who avoids single use plastics and recycles everything the single stream recycler allows, I purchase the necessary paper products at the local natural foods store, packaged in a paper wrapper that along with the cardboard core can both be recycled. Purchasing 6 at a time fills my reuseable bag even without other purchases, so it occurred to me that perhaps purchasing a case was a good idea. Questions were asked at the check out about this option and how many rolls were in the case. The young worker/owner that was assisting me said he thought it was 24, maybe 48, so a request for a case was made. A few days ago, the call came that the case was in and to ask at the front when I arrived and it would be grabbed from the back storage area for me. Much to my surprise and chagrin, a huge box was hauled from the back, too large for me to comfortably carry, and containing, not 24, not 48, but 96 rolls, a lifetime supply. Having made it a special order, it didn’t seem right to refuse the order, so with help, the carton was loaded into the back of the car, wrestled out at home and slid across the floor to sit until a decision could be made on how to store it without potential water or rodent damage. The downstairs bath has a built in storage space with shelves, but they all contained other items such as spare linens. One shelf was cleared and this…

Less than half the carton. One of the guest bedrooms also has built in shelving on one end that contained much of my cottage business signage, baskets, and other accoutrements before the business was closed last December, so another shelf in there was filled.

I am not hoarding like was happening during the early days of Covid when such supplies were limited and you were lucky to be able to even find it, but maybe someday, it will become a good barter item, or certainly keep us supplied into eternity.

I would love to hear your comments on this post.