Right On Time

Our first average frost date is October 10, and early this morning, it happened. We awoke to heavy frost and frozen fog that lingered until very late morning.

Tonight is the Hunter’s Moon and last night when I went over to lock up the hens, the nearly full moon and Venus were lined up over the garden and coop.

Yesterday, I hmmm’d and hawed about whether I really wanted/needed all of the hot peppers that were still on the plants, knowing they would be lost if I didn’t harvest them. A basket full was brought in, mostly green Serrano’s, a few each Thai, Ancho, and jalapeno. The basket sat on the counter last night as a decision was made as to what to do with them.

After a dizzy, shaky walk, while hubby watched football, the basket was addressed. Son 1 will get a quart bag of them next weekend. A sheet pan of peppers cut to dehydrate in a slow oven were done and put in the oven. They will take days of turning it on for a short while and letting them sit in the warm oven. I don’t have a dehydrator and don’t really have enough use for one to buy it and store it.

Another quart were cut and frozen to use in chili and casseroles over the winter, putting a second quart in the freezer.

The plants need to be pulled and put in the compost pile, the bed weeded out and mulched down for winter.

There is another threat of frost tonight, then slightly warmer nights until a week or so. It is definitely the end of the gardens for this year.

I would love to hear your comments on this post.