The Garden is winning

Usually in July and August, it is fairly dry, the grass doesn’t need mowing often, the weeds in the garden slow down and most of the bugs are gone. Not this year. We have had lots of light rain, not enough to fill the creeks, but enough to stimulate weed and grass growth and with it, the bugs. Yesterday evening and overnight, it rained enough to fill the 5″ deep round tub in the chicken pen and our driveway looks like it has canyons.

To add to this, the line trimmer has been acting up and either catching the line or “eating it” so with the wet grass and the malfunctioning equipment, the grass in the paths of the garden was higher than my garden boots. In some places it is easy to pull, not in others. I finally took the gas push mower over and mowed as much as I could, crawled around on the wet ground and hand pulled as much more as I could until my hands were cramped and it was time to come in and prepare dinner. Four of the tomato plants were done producing, so they were pulled. The others trimmed back of branches with no fruit and no leaves, the deadnettle, clover, and other invaders pulled from around the peppers and basil to give them a chance to continue producing, and about 2/3 of the blueberry bed was again hand weeded. I need to finish that job. I don’t know what the insidious creeping weed in that bed is, but I really need to find a solution to rid the garden of it. I don’t like plastic, but I’m really toying with using a roll of black plastic weighted down with rocks to kill it off around the edges and in the paths and then pull it back up and put down new cardboard and several inches of wood chips. I’m also considering transplanting them in late fall to the bed I was going to reconstruct, putting the berry barrels at the other end and filling it with wood chips, then shortening the garden by 6 or 7 feet on the south edge as it has just gotten to be more than I am willing to deal with. There will still be 3 squares about 4 feet each, three 4 X 6 or 7′ beds, and one that is 4 X 14′. Plenty of space for a garden for two. Plus the garden behind the house with flowers, the fig, and herbs.

Finished at dark.

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