We did it!

Daughter, GS 3, GD 2, hubby, and I drove to one of the local Christmas tree farms to hunt for and cut our trees. We took two cars so we didn’t have to untangle them here or retie theirs to her car. The kids typically walk much farther into the farm than we do when we go alone. Our goal was about a 6 foot tree and one was fairly near the entry, but we walked to the back of the farm, up and down the hills, searching for perfect tree for each house. They were looking for an 8 foot full tree. We both found trees way in the back, got ours cut with the bow saw and carried out to the tractor road to wait for the farm truck to come pick it up. It is in the 7.5-8 foot range. They took longer to pick one and by the time it was cut, the truck was gone. The truck came back by, but didn’t come down the hill. A young couple carried their’s to the cross road, so we took turns carrying DD’s tree up the hill to make it one pick up on the next round. On our walk out, we had some photo fun and got our walk in on the farm today.

DD took another photo here with the three of them and me too. The trees were already wrapped and tagged when we got back and ours had to be trimmed of lower branches and drilled for the stand we bought from the farm a few years ago. When we got home,the kids helped get the tree off the car while I retrieved the stand from the basement and then helped us get the tree into the stand in the place we wanted it placed.

The tree is watered, decorated, rug vacuumed and the stockings hung. An email notice was received that the last gift is due to be delivered tomorrow. One more wrapping session is on the schedule, some cookies baked for my spinning group gathering which due to the newest variant of Covid circulating, may be the last again for a while.

Then I am going to sit back and enjoy the decorations for the month and some family time as it is offered.

I would love to hear your comments on this post.

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