Another week’s end

There was no 25 second from the front door last Sunday as we were able to go visit Son 1, have a couple delicious meals out, tour a couple museums, and help transport a chair.

This week was cold, very cold at night and the fall color has faded and many trees are bare now. One morning, the frost was accompanied with frozen fog and all of the trees and shrubs were glazed.

The peppers were covered with heavy plastic and with nights later this week staying above freezing, I will check to see if any survived the nights in the 20’s.

Just before our trip to see Son 1, Son 2 sent us an announcement that he and his wife had had a baby girl, our 9th grandchild. Each grand has been presented with a hand made Christmas stocking, made with love by me. With a stop at Michaels and the local yarn store, I acquired the three skeins of wool needed to get started. I found a pattern that actually knits like a sock instead of flat to be sewn together later. The stocking made good car knitting and was finished this week.

Each stocking is lined and has a cross stitched tag that states, “Made with love, Grandmom, year.” It has been steam blocked and lined and is ready to send with other family gifts.

I would love to hear your comments on this post.

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