Today is election day and thankfully will end for a while, the barrage of negative campaign spots on television and hopefully in the mail. Politicians don’t campaign on their merit, their agenda, etc., they work on a smear campaign using information that is usually unfounded against the other candidate. Unfortunately, this works with people who don’t take the time or don’t have the education/skills to check out the true facts. Arguing that candidate A will do X, when the office lacks the power to deal with that issue regardless of who wins.

It doesn’t stop with television and print media. So much misinformation is spread via those sources and social media about other societal issues as well. With the misinformation comes the name calling and other inappropriate responses to the original presenter or poster.

Our society, government, and world are not perfect, but civility and decorum seem to have been lost. There is no respect. Disagreement is met with vulgarity and violence.

Every day the news is filled with shootings, with violence against service workers, with abusive and disruptive behaviors that endanger the person they are accosting and anyone nearby.

The negativity in society has become overwhelming to the point that the news causes constant stress.

Today there is an article about two neighboring high school football teams in a game that ended 106 to 0. Why, what adult coach would allow that to happen? Instead of trying to make it a game, he had his team go for a 2 point conversion when they already had over 100 points. What happened to sportsmanship? Another failed lesson in respect for others.

I am currently overwhelmed with all the negativity. I want to focus on being thankful for a while.

I would love to hear your comments on this post.