It’s been a week and a half

After lunch and a grocery run, while hubby turned on football, I wandered out to my very overgrown garden with intent to start cleaning it up. The lighter weight weed eater allowed me to fairly easily beat down the grass that has come up in the paths. Sitting on the edges of the various beds, some weeding and harvesting was done, but there are still tomatillos and tomatoes that I didn’t bring in, I just couldn’t do any more. I did gather a lot of tomatillos, 3 small cabbages, some tender new kale, 2 winter squash, and some peppers. There are still so many weeds, the dry corn stalks to pull and I think the tomato plants after I gather the ripe tomatoes, though the freezer is full of ones I haven’t had the energy to process. The second crop of bush beans were eaten to stalks by bean beetles and there are hundred of bettle larva and young beetles in that bed. I killed as many as I could by squishing them. I will have to see if there is an insecticidal soap that will kill them off, the stalks were pulled and put in the compost. I need a really hot pile to kill off any remaining insects.

When it cools this evening, I am going to try to smooth the bed that had the potatoes in it and see if it is too late to plant some spinach, spinach mustard, and kale and cover them with a mini hoop house of row cover and later plastic. One of the 4 X 4 beds will be planted with garlic in late October or early November. The rest of the garden just put to bed, a little bit each day.

I had to quit while out there, because every walk and every other activity that requires exertion, drops my blood pressure, which makes me feel washed out. I didn’t get results on my most recent hemoglobin check yet and for whatever reason, I can’t log in to the Doctor’s office portal to see if they were posted. Maybe they will let me know tomorrow. I am hoping to see some improvement so I know there is an end in sight.

The upcoming week is a return to summer at least during the daylight hours. The cooler fall like days of last week were so welcome. Next weekend the University plays an away game, so maybe we can eat on one of the patios in town one night and actually go to the Farmer’s Market on Saturday.

I would love to hear your comments on this post.