Change of Routine

For some reason, this week blended into a mess and I missed pre-order time for the market. Hubby hasn’t been sleeping well but was sound asleep when I got up and there were no pressing needs from the market today. Online, curbside grocery order didn’t have an available slot today until after dinner, so I took one for tomorrow, and we stayed in this morning. I let hubby sleep, while I sat and spun on my spindles and drank a mug of coffee.

Tomorrow, we will pick up our grocery order. Monday looks like the warmest (not warm), driest day of early next week, so we will go to the tree farm and see what we can bring home to decorate. I would love a root balled tree, but we couldn’t handle it and I don’t think I could dig the hole to plant it.

VDOT never came to clear our culvert as requested 3 weeks ago and last night it rained continuously from about 5 p.m. until the wee hours of this morning. The driveway that was already a mess is worse. I don’t want to try to dig out the culvert with the tractor bucket as I never get the hole in the right place and the ditch is then too wide. I guess I will have to file another report. I was supposed to get a confirmation last time and didn’t, so calling will probably result in being told they don’t have it on file.

This afternoon, I set up my table, table top rack, and floor rack to see what my set up will look like for next weekend’s Honor System craft event at Wilderness Road Regional Museum Noel Nights event. I wanted to make sure I had enough space and not too much space for the goods and that it looks appealing. I had planned on using baskets for the smaller items, but opted to use one of my 4 cell wooden crates that allowed me to load, carry, and set up in one step.

A little rearranging and some signage changes were made after I took the photo. It would be a nice Christmas gift to sell some of my supply so I can make more for next year when hopefully, I will be able to resume doing some craft and holiday events. It is all packed back up and I have scheduled a set up time during the week.

The weather blogger said we had entered Meteorological winter last week and though true winter is still 16 days away, it is cold, gloomy, and damp. We have already built fires several times to sit in front of to chase away the cold and gloom. The hens finished molt and most of them look fluffy and healthy again, but egg laying did not resume. For a while, the Olive eggers were giving me a few and one brown egg layer laid a few, but I have only gotten 1 egg all week. Not having power to the coop, I don’t want to try to light it as it would have to be battery operated and on a timer, so I will just have to buy eggs for a couple of months until they resume production.

I jokingly told my friend from the museum that if we couldn’t get out and about soon, I was going to “become a crazy old lady hermit, standing on the front porch with a broom to keep intruders away.” The Thanksgiving spike of COVID has begun in the county, with a rise of 14 new cases and 2 more hospitalizations since yesterday. With the county as small as it is, that is a significant rise, yet mask resistance is still prevalent here. One of my friends wrote on a social media post, “You have the right to chose to die if you want, but you don’t have the right to take me with you.” Follow COVID protocol, PLEASE.

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