Headed back to Autumn

Today marks the last warm dry day in the near future. The weekend is slated to be much cooler and damp.

We continue to take nearly daily walks, though back on smoother, more level surfaces after I overtaxed my hubby earlier in the week.

Most walks are through crunchy fallen leaves and “rain” showers of falling leaves.

Beautiful sunsets.

The trees never turned other than golds and many are bare already.

Healthy peas.

Garden critters.

Peppers and more peppers. After giving one string of drying peppers to daughter, there are still 4 1/2 drying in the window and more ripening in the garden. Another quart of Jalapenos pickled.

Twenty three days of spinning,

and sleeves two at a time to add to the lower body of the sweater. But knitting is causing significant pain after just a few rows.

Cases of the virus are rising in the county but mask wearing is not. “Chose science over fiction.” Joe Biden

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