Surprises in the Garden

Going out to let the hens out this morning, I spotted a couple of red tomatoes. Just before starting dinner prep, I took a basket out to gather them. Well it was more than a couple, and the one cucumber I saw yesterday must have multiplied overnight, some of the tomatillos were showing drying husks, so I checked them out too. Well, the couple of tomatoes, ended up this:

Since there were already 3 cucumbers in the house, I decided that yet another half gallon of pickles were started to ferment.

Earlier today we went in to make a bank deposit and take a walk on the old railgrade, these signs were spaced down the sidewalk in town.

We were hoping they also had them on the Huckleberry Trail, but nope. With the students back in town, there were too many people, too few masks.

Face to face classes began today at the University and our county began face to face school also today. We fear the increase in cases that our region has seen lately will mushroom and our social isolation will again become more total again, eliminating drive through food, only groceries from curbside delivery, walks on our road only.

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