Woot! Woot!

Last night I got half the lawn area mowed after pumping up the tire and going down to get fuel. This morning after a Farmers’ Market run during “Seniors only hour” we arrived home to find the younger two farmers finishing the mowing of the south field and moving the already baled hay to the side for picking up. After the one mowing left with the big mower, he returned with a huge brush hog and cleaned up the areas I usually mowed a couple of times each year when we had a brush hog. I finished mowing the lawn areas that were thick and tall from all the rain. It has all been mowed at last. They teddered the newly mowed area and will come back Monday afternoon to rake and bale it and as they were leaving, they brought me a shaggy untied half bale for use in my chicken run in wet and snowy weather.

I love some of the wildflowers that have claimed spots that they are safe in around the house.

Last night at dusk when I went out to lock up the hens, there were two does and 3 fawns in the orchard. They stayed very still until I got close and opened the run gate. At that point, they took off in two directions and I caught a picture of one doe and her spring twins running off.

I love life on our farm.

Stay safe, wear a mask so you are part of the solution and not part of the problem.

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