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Earth Day


Mother Earth should be treated more kindly, not just on Earth Day, but everyday.  We try to do our part, recycling (even in our rural area), composting either in the compost piles or through the help of the chickens, keeping our property and the road front clear of litter, combining errands to reduce the carbon footprint by driving less.  Planting trees in the non pasture parts of the farm.

Many rural folk have a different mindset about trash, I have blogged about this before (http://wp.me/p3JVVn-l3), but in addition to keeping junk and making trash piles, there is the roadside litter; empty soda and alcohol cups, bottles, and cans, fast food containers, cigarette packages (there are a lot of irresponsible smokers in this county).  Periodically, someone will take it upon themselves either out of civic duty or court imposed community service to walk down the beautiful mountain road and collect bag after orange bag of litter and leave them for the county services to collect.  When we lived in the city, we would see some of this too, along with the ashtray dumps in the street gutters where all of that nastiness washed down into the storm drains and eventually into the river and ocean.  Before retirement, we lived in a coastal city and often took our kayaks into one of the hundreds of canals, creeks, rivers and bays available.  After the first trip or two, we began to each carry a large garbage bag in our kayak and would collect as much as we could on a trip.  I guess this shows that it isn’t just rural folk, they just have city ordinances that prevent the larger collection of yard junk.

How difficult is it to keep a litter bag in your car?  To hold on to the fast food bag until you reach a trash receptacle.  To think before  you throw your butt or ashtray full of butts out the window.  Recycling and anti litter are taught in schools as soon as children begin school.  This is the responsibility of all of us.  Do your part, be responsible.  Don’t just celebrate Earth Day by planting a tree, make it an everyday commitment.