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The Chicken Palace Restaurant

Around 1 a.m. when Mountaingdad came to bed, he awoke me and said, “I think one of your chickens is out, I just heard it right below our room.”  Mind you that the nearest coop is a football field away from our room and on the east end of the house, our window on the south.  Being awakened, my response was “Oh well, I can’t do anything about it in the middle of the night.”

By then I was awake and in light of our recent predator attacks and losses, I put on some pants and a t shirt, grabbed a flashlight, added muck boots in the garage and ventured out into the night to assess the situation.  The coop with Broody Hen 5, Momma Hen 2 and her 3 babies, Momma Hen 1 and her two almost 6 week old chicks, the laying hens and Romeo were all snug and tight inside, the egg door latched, the pop door latched and the human door secure.  That only left the new cull coop, AKA, the Chicken Palace which is at the other end of the garden and only marginally secured with chicken wire and hardware cloth until we can finish hanging the leftover metal roofing material to the ground.  The chicken wire is stapled with long staples to the nailers, the corner posts and to provide more security, folded out about a foot and stapled to old cedar fence posts to hold it to the ground.  Upon shining my light back there, I saw a hen on the ground right by the door, not a good sign as they were perched on the highest rung of one of the ladders when I went to bed.  Midnight, the randy Americauna cockrell was on a lower rung on the other ladder by himself at bedtime.

The Chicken Palace check showed both hens alive and well, but on the ground and Midnight missing and this hole in the corner of the coop.


I figured that a coyote or fox had made a meal of Midnight or carried him off to be a meal for kits or pups.  I grabbed the two hens and returned them to the secure coop for the night and headed back into the house.

By now, sleep is lost.  I had had a 3 hour nap before being awakened, so I relocated to the loft with my book and finished reading it, ending it around quarter to 5.  I returned to bed with little hope of sleep, but dozed off in time to hear SIL’s alarm go off and then go off again later, then him quietly preparing his lunch in the kitchen.  After he left, I did go back to sleep for a couple of hours.  When I got up to deal with animal chores and feed granddaughter her breakfast, I discovered a wet bedraggled Midnight outside the chicken run fence.  I don’t want him back in with the hens, but I don’t know what I can do to secure the Chicken Palace in the rain today to put him back in there.  At least whatever came for a meal last night, left hungry and we aren’t out yet another chick or chicken, the restaurant is closed.

Pens, Dogs, and Chooks

Yesterday the sky grayed and the wind picked up, cooling the afternoon enough to tackle the outdoor chores.  We had purchased a 50 foot roll of welded wire fencing on our way home from errands.  One of our only town businesses is a hardware store.  When we moved here, it was really aimed at farmers and was more a farm store.  The owner sold it to return to farming and the new owner changed the focus to a more traditional hardware store, I guess to compete with Lowes and Home Depot two towns over in Genericia (our eldest son’s name for it).  Unfortunately, he couldn’t complete and as he no longer drew the farmers, they went to Tractor Supply or Southern States two smaller towns over the opposite direction, he is going out of business.  We got the fencing for a discount.

Once the day cooled, I pounded in the remainder of the T posts, strung the welded wire fence, securing the meat/cull chick pen.  The chicken tractor still needs repair.  I started installing the T post insulators to string the electric fence, but realized that the welded wire fencing wasn’t tight enough and the 2″ insulators were not long enough to hold the electric wire away from the welded wire fence.  This morning, we bought a bag of 5″ insulators but as soon as we got home, the rains  started so the installation will have to wait for another day.  The rain was very necessary, so I can’t complain.  We have had a high percentage chance of rain for weeks, but have gotten almost no rain.

Hopefully these measures will make the chooks secure from the 4 legged predator that got the 3 birds last week.  With the freezer camp event on Friday, our egg production is way down, getting only one or two eggs a day until the new girls start laying.


A pen beside a pen and real gates.  “Got treats?”