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Day of rest

Today, I rest.

I was roused out of bed earlier than I desired with the kid’s dog wanting to be let outside.  He apparently did not get locked in his cage last night, and though the grands were up, they ignored his barks.  I let the dogs out, fed and watered them, the barn cat, and the chickens and came back in to make a double batch of pancakes for breakfast and to freeze for grandson’s breakfast this week.  He ate a few bites of them and decided they didn’t taste like usual and refused to eat the rest on his plate and told me he wouldn’t eat them this week, so the chickens got an treat of 20+ pancakes, along with one of the two loaves of artisan sourdough bread that sat on the counter and molded rather than eaten.  A frustrating start to the day.

Jim took off on the BBH to Roanoke.  He was going to brunch and then a safety class with the HOG group, but it was so windy and cold this morning that he decided to skip the brunch, wait for it to warm some and the wind to die down then he rode in to get some lunch and go to the class.  As that is more than an hour each way and time spent there, he won’t be home til much, much later.

After he left, I retired to the loft and worked on a fingerless mitt pattern that I am in the process of designing.


I really like the double cable that will be up the back of the hand.  The design work isn’t my problem. Writing up the pattern from my notes is always the part that troubles me. I need to work on presentation before I publish my patterns.  Perhaps, I should also be charging for them.

Last night I blended a couple more ounces of the Raspberry Romney with the Colonial Maroon Merino and the Eggplant Merino before I ran out of the Eggplant.  I ended up with 4.1 ounces of fluff to spin.


That should be enough to make fingerless mitts or a hat for my shop.  I just need to get spinning.  I did spin a few ounces of the Hawk’s Nest blend yesterday and thought I had spun it all then found another bag.  I should finish that before I start something else.

Tonight, K makes dinner.  She volunteers on Saturday and Sunday when she isn’t working.  With both of them working more than an hour away, grand duty getting them off to school or preschool, or staying with them when they don’t feel well, getting them to Martial Arts one of the days of the week, and fixing dinner for the crew has been my week day job.  They went out for a family night last night, so I cooked for just Jim and me.  He got a special treat of lamb chops.  I bought them at the Farmers’ Market yesterday and we could have gone out to dinner at one of our favorite local restaurants for what they cost.  I sure couldn’t afford to cook them for everyone. I don’t care for lamb, except their fleece to spin, but he enjoyed them.

The kids are off for lunch, I guess.  I fixed some leftovers and returned to my knitting chair to post and knit.  Perhaps a nap is in order while the house is quiet.