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Peeves – 3/15/2019

Today’s mail brought two items that generated this peeve.  Item one was a letter from a security firm letting me know that an online retailer from whom I had made a purchase last year had a security breech and “certain personal information” may have been compromised.  I don’t save credit card info on sites  that encourage you to do so for quicker check out, so I’m not terribly concerned about my log in and password for that site being accessed.  They claim that there is no evidence that this information has been used, but they are offering a year free dark web service.  Now I know that at the end of the “free” year, they will be on me like stench on a stinkbug to “buy” their service for continued security or auto renew it with credit card they require me to file with them.  I’m already covered, thank you.

In the same stack of mail is a bill for TV service.  The company recently changed hands and we had to update our electronic (through our bank log in) payment to their new account number, name, and address only to find out that they no longer accept electronic payments.  The bill was dated 3/3/19, received 3/15/19, and due in a week.  Our options are to write a paper check and hope it gets there in time, let the bank do an electronic check which won’t get there in time, or accept their “go paperless” method and allow them to automatically take money from our account or bill a credit card.  To do this, we have to either have our account information or our credit card on file with them.  See security breech above to see why this is distasteful.

We prefer to have control over who can access our accounts and money and I know that our credit card company will cover us and investigate if anything looks hinky.  They have changed my card twice due to it being unlawfully used, but it is getting more difficult to keep control.  The above mentioned breech is the second one I have gotten in the past few months, the first was not even online use, it was using my debit card in a retailer whose system was hacked.  How can we remain secure when our options are to give the retailers access to pay their debt without our having to make the payment through our bank?  How does someone who doesn’t have a credit card not be late?