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End of week 9-16-2017

This has been a crafty week ending with a good session on the tractor to beat the too tall grass back to a reasonable length.  The unused chicken run is going to require the weed wacker and this body is just not up to that this afternoon.  Our house sits on a slope that has the main floor at ground level on the front and on the second level on the back.  To mow with the tractor first requires that the gas powered lawn mower (not self propelled) be hauled out and a couple of swipes around the house along with a couple of areas that the tractor can’t reach, must be done.  The typical mowing is 4 or 5 acres, around the orchard trees, the garden and chicken runs, and the front, back, and side yards.  The area that is hayed and we usually brush hog in the fall is going to be hayed this fall, taking this task from me this year.

The crafting has involved designing two new patterns for fingerless mitts for the shop. The patterns have been shared with a few friends, I am hopeful that if they knit them, that they will alert me to any miscues that might surface.  Also this week,  3 batches of Shea based cold process soap, and a couple dozen tins of salves and balms were made for the shop and the upcoming shows.



The lower ones are for me, though I will knit a pair or two for the Holiday Markets as well.

A few weeks ago, a friend asked if I could make a particular hat for her grand daughter who is turning 1 soon and has yet to grow hair.  The project was quick and sent to the friend, who in turn sent it to her daughter.  The photo credit is from her daughter, they were very pleased with the results.


And then today was Worldwide Spin in Public Day, and my new Spanish Peacock drop spindle accompanied me today as we went to our usual Saturday morning breakfast and Farmers’ Market trips.





A busy week.  Tomorrow the garden and a batch of pickles will be the focus.

Ruby Mitts

After several days of knitting, ripping, designing and trying again, I finished the fingerless mitts to go with my favorite hat and scarf.  Several years ago I designed a hat to use a beautiful ruby colored skein of yarn that I had purchased from Unplanned Peacock Studio (http://www.unplannedpeacock.com/), an independent yarn dyer from our region.  I published the pattern on the database Ravelry.  After a year of wearing that hat, I approached UPP to see if she could duplicate the color so that I might make a scarf to go with the hat.  She tried, but just couldn’t quite get it right.  She had a hat of the same yarn and I thought perhaps she was trying to match it, but found out about a year later that her dog had destroyed the hat and she had no sample from which to work.  Again, I begged and offered her the small remnant ball I had from making my hat and again she tried, and tried, but this time she succeeded and I bought two skeins, used to design and make a scarf to match the hat.  Another period of time passed and I decided that I really wanted to make mitts or gloves to go with the hat and scarf. She still had a skein of the yarn and I purchased it. Tonight brought success.  The Ruby Hat, Ruby Scarf, and Ruby Mitts are all free patterns on Ravelry and here, Ruby Hat (http://goo.gl/yAfQV) and later Ruby Scarf (http://goo.gl/uzjTFo), and Ruby Mitts http://goo.gl/C80YhQ.

This is what they look like


Finished just in time for this weekend’s cold, wet weather.

Success builds confidence

A few days ago, I posted about the lace cowl that I was knitting and feeling good about finally successfully completing such a project for the first time.

That success and a desire to have another knit hat for winter, urged me to design and knit a hat using the same lace pattern in the body of the hat. The yarn for the cowl was too thin for a warm hat, so I held a strand of it together with a strand of Green Dragon Sock yarn in one of the colors in the cowl yarn and set to work Sunday night.





The lower picture is in daylight and shows off the true colors.

The hat was completed in a day. Now before I can post a pattern, I either have to determine that the lace pattern is open source or get permission from the cowl designer to use her lace pattern in my design.

I am pleased with the finished hat and that it’s colors will blend with the cowl and with another triangular scarf  that I knit a couple of years ago.

If the rest of the winter remains as cold as the past few weeks, I am sure it will get much use, alternating it with my Ruby hat and scarf and my homespun hat and scarf.

Next up is a cardigan of Quince andCo. Lark in Delft color way yarn and one of their patterns, Estella. Love, love their yarn.