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Whew, We Survived!

The kids are in bed and we survived the entire weekend.  We were not young parents, which makes us not young grandparents, but we are healthy and stay active.

The weather cooperated, and the kids had a lot of free outside play time.  They have moved from a neighborhood with a street in front of the house and a canal that was home to the occasional alligator in the back, so playing outside without an adult nearby just didn’t happen.  Here on our farm, they have boundaries about where they can go alone and rules about not climbing on the rock piles, but are allowed to dig, run, romp and roll, and play make believe games to their heart’s content.

We are still introducing them to the region, so after lunch and quiet time, we took them to the Huckleberry Trail, a paved former rail grade that is still a work in progress, connecting more and more areas of the region, but the original portion, runs from the town library to the mall area in the next town, about 7 miles.  The trail is an asphalt path used by bicycles, joggers, dog walkers and people just out for a stroll.  We started at the library and walked only 3/4 mile to the gazebo.  By then, the three year old was done.  She had walked and run on the outward leg.  She was coaxed, challenged to races and monkey backed on the way back to the car.


Home for some more outdoor play, dinner prep and clean up, a couple of chess games with Mountaingdad, baths and bed.  We are now recuperating before I have to get up early to get grandson to his bus for school.