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Morning Madness

Yesterday was spent waiting for Nature’s Yarns in Fairfax to open so that I could use my birthday discount to get some needles that I wanted, now that I have become a convert to DPN’s for socks, hats, sleeves, and other small rounds.  Their winter hours are 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., so I had to wait before my drive back home.  That followed by the 5ish hour drive back to SW Virginia, then dinner prep and I was ready for bed before the grands last night.  I think I managed to stay awake until maybe 9 p.m.

This morning, refreshed from a night in my own bed and a shower to wake up, I tackled part of today’s chores.  K’s freezer is plugged in beside our freezer in the basement and it became the repository for most of the meat this weekend.  Now that it is all solidly frozen, I tackled both freezers to sort into boxes and baskets so that you can actually find a package of stew meat, a roast, a half or whole chicken or some parts, a package of fruit or vegetables to not have to dig for them.

SIL loves granola and it is cheaper for me to make it, than to buy it.  I make a batch, each time the half gallon jar appears empty on the counter.  It appeared on Friday, but with the Holiday Market on Saturday, the chickens on Sunday, travel yesterday, the jar got washed and dried and sat empty until this morning.

As I was measuring out the ingredients this morning, I was curious about the calorie content of the granola.  I know that it is not a low calorie food, and I make it partly because of cost and partly to control what goes into it.  This morning, I made it with honey, sometimes with maple syrup.
Cabin Crafted Granola
5 c rolled oats (1560 cal.)         1/3 c coconut oil melted (636 cal.)
½ c wheat germ (149 cal.)        1/3 c raw honey (344 cal.)
1 c chopped pecans (832 cal.)   1 tsp ground nutmeg or cinnamon
Dash of salt                             1 tsp pure vanilla extract
1 c raisens(419 cal.)

Mix all ingredients except raisens in a large bowl. Spread in a lightly oiled baking
pan. Place in preheated 325°f oven. Toast for 30 minutes, stirring every 10.
Remove from oven, stir in the raisens and cool. Makes about 8 cups of cereal.
Total estimated calories – 3940 or 492.5 per cup

Wow, was I surprised. I rarely eat more than a tablespoon full sprinkled over ice cream or yogurt. Guess it is a good thing.

I still need to go out and clean out the cull coop.  Collect and scrub their water and food containers and sanitize them until they are needed again.  The hen flock was still very fearful of me this morning as their pen is adjacent to the meaties pen and they watched me go in and come out, carrying an often squawking young hen on Sunday.  They will calm down as I continue to feed them and provide them with treats this week.  I wish they would finish their molt and start laying again.  I only get an average of 1 egg a day right now from the 9 of them.

Still loving life on our mountain farm.

Day of Rest? Not . . .

Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest, but it wasn’t and neither was this holiday, the next 9 days show 50% or higher chance of rain and I wanted the rest of the seed in the ground.  To do that meant more garden intensive work and since Daughter, SIL, and the grands put in so much time and effort yesterday, it wasn’t fair to involve them.  They went off for a hike on this beautiful, but warmer day, we went to get the corn and bean seed for the Three Sisters Garden and a new water filter for the fridge and I went to work.  The rest of the garden extension was weeded.  The bottom edge was given a retaining wall of old cedar posts and garden stakes, a few big rocks and about an hour and a half of raking smoothed out the bed and reduced the slope considerably.


The Asparagus crowns were planted, the Horseradish mulched, and 15 mounds developed for the Three Sisters seed.  Today the Popcorn was planted in half of the mounds.  Spoiled hay scattered between the mounds and along some of the paths.  When the corn is up, the beans will be planted in the same mounds and once they are up, the pumpkins and buttercup squash will be planted in the remaining mounds.


The last summer squash seed were planted and marked.

While out working, Momma Hen took her babies on a Walk About.  They were so cute tagging along, imitating Momma’s scratching and grass nibbling.


My long hot day was completed with a delicious dinner prepared by Daughter, served on the back deck in the nice evening breeze.  These lovelies are blooming just below the edge of the deck.


My last task of the evening was to reorganize my soap making and storage until the festival that I will participate in, it was over running my pantry.


Since we will have rain this week, I will rest, heal, spin, knit and read.  I am going to employ the “Each one teach one” method this week and teach a friend soap making.