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Newport Past and Present

Today was the Newport Past and Present event.  This was art from folks who have strong connections with our village, art from the past such as quilting, a blacksmith, and spinning; paintings and framed art; a Little theater production; a pig picking with home made sides and desserts, all to support the recreation center in the old school in the village.

With a spinner friend, we set up an educational, hands on display of various fibers, spun yarns and we demonstrated the art of spinning with drop spindles and two different styles of spinning wheels.  It was a full day, full of fun, full of educational opportunities.

Our display of fiber to touch, yarn to fondle and to see how the fiber spins.  My handspun, handknit sweater that was one of the art exhibits for sale (no it didn’t sell). Behind it is one of the lovely quilts on display.
Meet David, my fellow spinner with his Kromski Symphony.

Spinning P&P1

Hubby caught me spinning on my Kromski Sonata when he dropped by for lunch and to buy me lunch.  I was spinning Dorset wool from Glenrose Farm in Newport.  It seemed only right to spin local fiber as the event was to support the local community center.

Spinning P&P2


More of our display.

One of the musical acts with another one of the quilts hanging behind them.
This is Josh, the black smith with his set up.  His first project of the day was to make this…
A beautiful handforged hook to hold the basket of spinning supplies on my wheel.  He custom made it for me and my wheel.

Friends from out of Newport stopped by, neighbors were greeted, new neighbors met, and many opportunities to instruct others on the art of spinning.