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Three Generations of Women Gardening Day- 6/2/2019

A few days ago, daughter, generation 2 of this group, asked me, generation 1 of this group if I could help her do a vegetable garden for her daughter, generation 3 of this group.  We span from 7 years old to 71 years old.  Daughter was not afraid of the work by any means, but was a bit intimidated by the process to get going.  Wanting this to be a good project and enjoyable for the 7 year old, my suggestion was raised bed boxes.  Today was the day.  I went over around 9:30 and we loaded in her larger SUV and headed to Home Depot.  I had bought cedar raised bed boxes there a couple of years ago.  We headed back to where they were and they had the cedar ones, but some much nicer composite material ones with good corner joins for only $5 each more.  We talked about what the young one wanted to grow and decided to get two instead of just one.


Car load 1

We unloaded the car three sacks at a time on the kids’ wagon and hauled it up the hill to the chosen site.


Daughter sod busting, so we could level the hill a little. I dug out the busted sod and moved it to the lower end of the area.


Boxes built on a thick bed of cardboard to help with weeds, filled with the richest bagged raised bed soil I have seen.



Learning to plant young plants and seeds.


Watering her new garden.

Then daughter and I hauled 4 of the bags back to Home Depot for a refund, bought three bags of shredded black mulch and spread it around the raised beds to cover the cardboard and make mowing easier.

IMG_20190602_143301 (1)

Granddaughter’s finished garden for her to learn.

We also bought a half barrel and some herbs that were installed on the back patio off the kitchen, but no pictures of it.  Several hours of girl time, a new gardener blooming and some veggies to enjoy later.  She picked tomatoes, peppers, radishes, sunflowers, cucumbers, and green beans.  Some carrot and spinach seed to plant for fall after she harvests her radishes and beans.

I brought home the extra cardboard and a few mornings are needed on the home garden this week.