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Midweek Issues

ACKKKK! I have been having cell phone issues, heating up so hot I can’t carry it in my pocket, holding a charge for only 4 to 5 hours with the Data turned off and the phone is only 8 months old. Yesterday afternoon on my way to my knit group, hubby and I returned to the cellular phone store where it was purchased with the idea that we were probably going to have to purchase me a new phone.  The agent said that our model the Samsung 3 did develop those issues with the update, but that resetting it to the factory settings would probably cure that.  He asked me had I ever done a factory reset and I said no.  He backed up my contacts to the SD card, we checked that all my photos were on the SD card but never, ever, did he ask about my calendar.

I figured any of the other apps that I use could easily be reinstalled.  He reset my phone and worked me through setting up the google account.  As the store is 2 doors down from Starbucks, I immediately added that app and rewarded myself with a glass of iced roibus tea.  The phone held its charge though the evening with my friends, didn’t get warm.  I was excited, until this morning when I checked my calendar to see if we had anything scheduled today and discovered nothing but national holidays and family and friends birthdays.  ACKKKK!  I have a paper calendar on my fridge with that info.  I don’t carry a paper calendar anymore since I retired, when I used to carry a Franklin Planner every step I took.  I am a retired senior citizen, but I do like my electronics and have been frustrated that my phone calendar did not sync with my Google calendar, but not wanting to input the data in both, have just used the phone calendar.  I know I have appointments scheduled 6 months to a year ahead and now I don’t know when.  Perhaps I am going to have to revert to the old fashioned paper calendar on the fridge.  If smart phones are so smart, why am I calendar free now?


I have now installed the Google Calendar app and will hide the default calendar and hope that it will sync to my other devices.

The Wait

A few months ago, I mailed a padded envelope with a skein of yarn to someone who purchased it from me.  It was just mailed first class, no tracking number.  The recipient was very patient and finally after about 3 weeks reported to me that the package had never arrived.  Bewildered, I refunded her money and told her I didn’t understand as I had mailed it from the Post Office window, but things do get lost.  I felt badly though as she needed this specific yarn to finish a project and I had been in that situation before.  Several more weeks went by and the package reappeared in my mailbox with postage due of under a dollar.  I contacted the lady and told her the package had come back to me and was being mailed again to her.  She offered to repay me, but I just sent it on to her.  At the Post Office, the clerk was very rude to me, though the mistake had been theirs.  I added more than necessary postage and sent it off again, marched out of the building a bit angry and frustrated, went to open the car door and something caught my eye and I slammed the corner of the door into my forehead raising a goose egg and creating a small cut, just adding to my frustration.

About 10 days ago, I mailed two packages, having learned my lesson, I got tracking numbers and emailed the recipients of the numbers.  That night, I ordered something for me and got a tracking number.  The next day, I mailed two more packages and got tracking numbers.

The first two items were to be delivered last Thursday, but the tracking showed they were stalled at a processing facility and ended up not being delivered until Saturday.  The item I was expecting was due Saturday and again seemed stalled at a processing facility and arrived late this afternoon.  The remaining two packages, the last shipped, were the first to be received.

With customer service that is rude and not meeting the date they project for delivery, it is no wonder that the Post Office is failing.

I still have two pending shipments due me.  I wonder how long they will take.

The Editor

In January, my husband published his first book.  This book was started 36 years ago, hand written on legal pads and typed by me on an Olivetti manual portable typewriter that I had been given as a high school graduation present by my parents more than a decade before.  About the time he was ready to send it off, a well known author published a book not on the same topic, but based in the same region.  Revisions were done over the next several years, allowing the famous author to come out with a new book and I again typed it on the typewriter.

In the 1980’s as home computers were just coming on the scene, we got a computer lab at the school where I was teaching and after a couple of planning periods in the lab, I was excited that I could create my classroom tests and exams on the computer, in Dos, saving the test questions for future use.  My excitement led us to buy a Tandy for home and the manuscript was again typed and saved on the larger floppy disks, many of them.  Now several decades later, with the development of Kindle, Amazon, Nook, etc. and those old floppy’s no longer readable, again I typed the first third as he decided the original manuscript was too long and he made a decision to develop the book as a trilogy.  The section was given to him to rewrite and for me to read, as I can mindlessly type and not follow the content.  My final act is to perform the editing and formatting which after several years of retirement, my Word skills are rusty.  Today I was trying to relearn how to number the pages as each page has a header.  We wanted the author’s notes to be in Roman Numerals and the body of the book in Arabic numbers and for some reason, in spite of adding section breaks, the title page and copywrite pages get numbered.  My frustration level with it at this point has caused me to quit for the night.  It took internet searches to get as far as I did and each time I deleted the numbers on those two pages, all of the numbers disappeared.  Arrrgggghhhh!