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Abysmal Day

It blew gales, the rain coming from all directions at once, whipping around the house, whistling and shaking screens.


The driveway looked like a river, culminating in a pond in front of one of the garage doors,


And created a new, but temporary creek between the house and the gardens.


Actually this is what is supposed to happen, though the pond in front of the garage door shouldn’t.  That is the result of the grands digging there where the softer soil has washed down the edge of the driveway.

When the rain quits and before it freezes, the tractor will have to be driven up to clean the culvert on the uphill side of our driveway.  The crushed gravel has washed down across the road again and about half filled the ditch.  Maybe a tractor bucket or two of that will be dumped and smoothed in front of that door. The design of the garage is raised enough that this water does not come in, but it is a mess to get to the cars.

The chicken coop was opened, but their food was put inside.  They didn’t venture out until the heaviest rainfall slowed.  I could hear Mr. Croak out there voicing his displeasure.  The high temperature for the day occurred early and though through Wednesday, it will still be mild, the rain should finally quit and a bit of drying out to occur before the cold arrives on Thursday.  Wednesday night’s low will be Thursday’s high and winter will return to the mountains.

Oh Noah, Where art thou?

Wow, have we had rain in the last 18 hours.  The creeks are raging and overflowing.  The region is under flash flood warnings.  We live 4/10th of a mile down hill from a paved road.  Our gravel road tips from one side to the other with curves and ditches that are first on one side of the road, then on the other, but no culverts to connect these ditches.  When it rains hard, rain washes back and forth across the road.  Here is the morning river.




The last one is right at the top of our driveway, where all of the gravel has washed down and formed a dam.  The ruts are a foot deep and the piles of gravel at least that.  Fortunately, SIL and I cleared our culvert earlier in the summer, so it is going under our driveway, not down it.

Periodically, we complain to VDOT and they bring a road grader out and smooth the surface again, but their engineer doesn’t feel like we need culverts under the road where it changes directions and doesn’t feel that the road is traveled enough to pave it.  Just below the last picture, the road drops to the culvert for the creek that crosses it and the wash out is even worse there.  I’m glad we don’t have to travel that portion. Our cars are all wheel or 4 wheel drive vehicles, except SIL, who drives a low small sedan.  I hope he can get in today.