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They Are Here!

The Folk Festival was a bust.  I may have broken even, I hope, though I haven’t calculated it out yet.  There was lots of handling and sniffing, a few comments like; “you know you can buy soap at Walmart for $.50,” or “we collect all the little samples at hotels when we travel and that is what we use.”  I want to retort sharply, but I smile and let it pass.  Thrice we were threatened by thunder storms, as I wondered how I was to protect trays of soap in driving rain and wondering if the borrowed canopy was really waterproof, and no it wasn’t anchored as we were set up in a parking lot and I didn’t bring weights, just cord and stakes.  Fortunately it didn’t rain.

As Mountaingdad and Grandson #1 were on their way to see the festival, buy me lunch and give me a bathroom break, they got a flat tire.  The Nissan has one locking lug on each wheel and the tool, which we used last winter when we had a flat, was missing.  Did AAA take it by accident, or the Nissan dealer when they repaired the tire?  This proved a challenge for AAA, but they finally got the guys back on the road to get their own lunch and just go home.  The tool was on the service desk at the Nissan dealer with hubby’s name on it and had been since last winter.  The car has been serviced twice since then.  Why wasn’t it returned then, or why weren’t we called as they knew to whom it belonged.

This morning, the awaited morning call from the USPS came as I was doing chores and heating water for my morning coffee.  Chores were delayed, coffee water turned off, car keys and wallet located and off I went to our little rural post office.



I could hear them as soon as I opened the post office door.


Twenty fuzzy little yellow chicks, two days old at most, ready for release, water, food and warmth.


They have peeped loudly since I picked them up, but have found the warming table and settled.  This is the first time that I have ordered chicks and there hasn’t been an extra one in the box and one dead one too, giving me the right number in the end.  Fortunately, there are 20 healthy pullets, I hope as that was what was ordered.


Meet Chipmunk,, one oddly marked little pullet that is not all yellow.  We won’t get attached to these littles, as their short 11 week life will be spent partially in the garage and then moved to the cull coop to be sent to freezer camp on November 14 for some winter meat.  These are the littles that we had to purchase when the production by our hens met with failure and predators.  There are only 5 of them, one who will be next year’s rooster, a couple that I think are pullets and will replace a couple of the older hens and any other cockerels will also go to freezer camp.  We will hopefully have 25 birds in the freezer and will try again next year on letting the hens raise our meat birds and replacement hens.

Folk Festival

Application was made and accepted.  An opportunity to be a vendor at the Meadow’s of Dan Folk Festival tomorrow.  My soap, lotion bar, and beard oil making for my Etsy Shop has generated crates full with llittle activity on the online shop, so I decided to try this sort of venue to see if it is worth my time and effort.  If not, perhaps, I will return to just making products for us and the extended family that likes and uses the products. In the mean time, I am also looking for a way to reduce the shipping costs for the Etsy Shop to make it more appealing.

The soap making has been ongoing for several months as I make all of my soap the old fashioned cold process method and that soap must cure for at least 4 weeks to be hard enough to not dissolve into mush when you get it wet. What good is soap if you can’t get it wet?  Lotion bars are a quicker product as is beard oil.

The car is partially loaded with the non perishable items such as the canopy, table, my chair and the crate with table covers, bags, business cards, banner, and bright colored pinwheels to attract attention.


The three crates of trays containing the soap, beard oil and lotion bars, along with the bins of extras await loading until the afternoon cools.  They will be loaded this evening so that all I have to do at 6:30 tomorrow morning is hop in the car and drive the 90 minutes to check in and set up.


The canopy is borrowed from a friend who got it from a mutual friend and it had never before been erected.  Daughter and I broke it out and set it up in the yard one day to make sure it was all there.


It is all there, but had a small seam that was miss sewed that was repaired with a bit of duct tape as I didn’t want to try to get the canopy upstairs and sewed on my little home sewing machine.

The 8′ folding table is borrowed from daughter and SIL, a new folding chair purchased at Lowe’s end of season clearance sale; a couple of old Indian print cotton twin bed spreads that served as temporary doors in our house when we first moved in, will serve as table cover and hang from the back of the shelter as a backdrop for the banner and to give the stall some direction.

I don’t know if this will be a successful venture or not, but I’m game to give it a go.  If you are a local reader, this is a Folk Festival with vendors of food, yarn, jewelry, 31 products, my products and more; as well as inflatable fun, wine tasting, music, a play and a square dance.  Come on out and visit, the day is supposed to be gorgeous, a great day for a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Hope to see some of you there.