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Mexican Night

Today is the day that our eldest son and family arrive to spend Christmas with us.  Today is Saturday and Saturday at their house is Mexican night.  The family is trying to learn Spanish, so on Saturday night, when son hasn’t had to work all day at the University, he prepares a Mexican dinner and they watch a movie in Spanish.

If you have been following my blog for at least a few weeks, you know that we spent the first week of December in Mexico, Zihuatanejo, on the southern Pacific side of Mexico, a quaint fishing village with lots of seafood as their traditional food, but it is in the state of Guerrero which is also noted for its Pozole Verde.  It is traditionally served in restaurants on Thursdays and we had a Pozole Verde lunch on our second day there.  I have had white and red Pozole before, but this was so much better.

When we arrived home, I searched the web for a recipe and found this http://www.patismexicantable.com/2011/09/you_know_you_want_it_green_pozole/.  It looks like the soup we had in Mexico and I decided to give it a try to help them carry on their tradition.  As we raise some meat chickens, I had a nice plump bird in the freezer for the meat base.  Being a locavore, the other ingredients don’t really fit my life style, limes, avocados, and tomatillos (this time of year) and as dry hominy is not available here, I bought Mexican style canned.  The recipe says it is better reheated, so Thursday afternoon and evening, I stewed the chicken in the crockpot, deboned and shredded it and added it back to the broth.  It was put aside in the soup pot in the refrigerator until Friday, when I added the Mexican hominy and made the verde sauce and added it.  It went back in the refrigerator until just before dinner today, it will be cooked for the last 30-45 minutes and the garnishes will be cut and put in service bowls and we will see how authentic it tastes.



Now if I could just find recipes for the tiny hot pepper stuffed empanadas and the tiny cheese stuffed fried cones of masa to accompany it, I could at least dream that we were back in Mexico on a Thursday.