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Yesterday was thick, gray, looked like it was going to snow weather.  Threats of it doing so were made late in the afternoon, but it never materialized.  It was cold, hovering around 30ºf for a high.  Granddaughter had an after preschool play date with her “bestie,” so we ran errands.  In spite of the fact that it is mid winter here, the stores are all dressed in summer finery and all the winter goods are marked down, seriously down.  My wardrobe has a dress coat that isn’t very warm when it is really cold, a ski jacket that is short and white, an ugly pink, nasty barn coat that is warm but not to be seen in public. Just in time for it to plummet into the teens last night, we found a parka with faux fur hood, 70% off, rated to -13ºf (not that it ever gets that cold here).



Somebody who loves me said, “sure,” so it followed us home.  When we headed out for our Saturday morning breakfast and Farmers Market venture this morning it was 18ºf, but a beautiful sunny day.  It was so cozy wearing my new parka to the market, the only  thing that got cold was the hand that had to deal with paying for the goodies that were purchased.

It has finally gotten up in the upper 30’s and will warm back up this week and then it will roller coaster back down again.  It will be nice to have this warmth when it is cold outside, those frigid mornings that require chipping ice off the windshield to take grandson to the bus stop, those hovering at freezing days when the wind is howling, or when a walk in the snowy woods is in order.



In contrast to the cold, today the post brought the summer seed.  The vegetables, flowers, and cover crop bounty.  Some onion sets, potato starts, some brassicas and chard seedlings will be bought locally, not started in the basement or the utility room window sill. The garden plan is done.  There are still two wooden half barrels that need repair and relocation to the garden to be filled.  The potatoes will be grown in the barrels. The fencing needs some work, some clean up is necessary in the lower part of the garden that will be sown in oats and flowers this year except for the blueberry bed.  The overgrown peach tree still needs the major pruning.  Perhaps this week when the weather is mild and dry.



Lets end this post with 200 pounds of silly dog who was in the sun, but it moved and he didn’t.  Note the discrete use of the tail.