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Weekend 4/8/2017

At last post we were expecting extreme weather.  Thursday the trip to take grand daughter to pre-school rewarded us with 3 rainbow segments.



At one point it was very vivid and a near perfect arc with the end settled in the valley.  This was the first morning rainbow I have ever seen.  It was accompanied by falling temperatures and increasing wind.  It rained until late in the day when it turned to a wintry mix. Parts if the state experienced tornado activity and a lot of damage east of the mountains.

April snow


This was Friday morning’s greeting and it snowed off and on all day Friday.  There was snow on the mountain above us, just a dusting on the farm.  It never warmed more than a few degrees above the prior night’s low 30s.  Again last night, it was near freezing, but today it is sunny and in the low 60s.  The wind isn’t as strong as the past 48 hours, but it hasn’t fully subsided.  It was a good day to get that chick pen fencing done.  They did fine the past couple of cold nights in the unheated garage with a single mother table to warm them.  The brooder tub is much too small for their rapidly growing little bodies and they need to be moved soon.  By midweek, the days will be in the mid 70s, the nights in the upper 40s to low 50s and the chicks will be at least 5 weeks old.  If a makeshift gate to their pen can be completed, they will be moved to Huck’s coop.

Fence   Fence done

There is enough fencing left to make some sort of gate.  A hawk cover needs to be added before they can be turned loose in the pen. But they will have to spend at least a week in the closed coop to acclimate to their new, though temporary home before they can be given freedom of the run.  Once they are too large to get through the welded wire fence of the run, they will be relocated to the main coop and the old hens and Mr. Croak will be moved to the large cull coop.  I am thinking about moving the old birds this week and thoroughly cleaning the main coop, roughing up the run and planting it with the cover crop to get some green growing in their before the chicks move in.  The run could probably benefit from 5 or 6 weeks of no traffic and the oats, field peas, and vetch would grow quickly in there, it was a portion of the garden with good compost soil and it has lots of natural fertilizer that they have provided.

If the weather holds, the lower garden and the chicken run will be broken up with the long handled cultivator and the cover crop sown tomorrow and Monday.  The warm week and midweek rain should get a good start on the spring cover growing.

There are still some aisles in the garden to be mulched with cardboard and spoiled hay and plenty of cardboard still in the garage to use.

Evenings have been spent planning a vacation trip now that our passports have been renewed and back in our possession.  Hopefully, this will become an annual event.

This week, we scored two 10th row center aisle tickets to see Arlo Guthrie in concert in July.  This prompted a weekend plan and reservations made for a quick get away.

Loving life on our farm and the return of spring.

A Delightful Treat

Last night, I was given a delightful treat.  Some years ago, I commented on music that was playing in daughter’s car and ask who was performing.  She introduced me to Straight No Chaser, via CD and YouTube and I was hooked.  Last year, her husband gave her right down in center front tickets to see them in Charlottesville and we kept the grands so they could make a weekend of it.  This was her treat as a gift and they got to go out to dinner, see the concert, spend a night in a hotel, and tour Charlottesville the next day.

They found out the group was going to be in Roanoke, the city where they work, about an hour from here.  It was a Tuesday night concert, but they wanted to take their kids and since next week is granddaughter’s, daughter’s, and my birthdays, they also bought me a ticket.  I picked up the kids from the bus stop and headed over.

I won’t get into the logjam on the interstate due to an accident and the warped route that the GPS sent me to get around it, the fact that it took twice as long as it should to get there.  That was all soon forgotten.



We got in as soon as the doors opened and quickly found our seats.  We were near the center of the second tier of seating with only the handicap row in front of us and the wide aisle.



Waiting for the show.  The seating around us quickly filled and the 2100+ capacity theater was nearly full.

If you aren’t familiar with this group, Straight No Chaser is a professional a cappella group which originated in 1996 at Indiana University comprised of 10 men.  They are awesome.  Check out a YouTube.  Unlike many performers, they recognize that they are where they are because of their audience and they encourage you to video and photograph them and post on line.  They take pictures of the audience and put it on their Facebook page and encourage you to tag yourself.  It was a full 2 hours of lights, music, dancing, and gags.  This is their 20th anniversary tour and I hope they come back, I will go again.



Thank you daughter, son in law, and grands for a great birthday present.  I had so much fun with you last night.