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Family, Feast, and Celebration Thankfulness

I wrote a version of this yesterday evening and when I hit publish, it all disappeared except for the first sentence, so as thankful as I was for the prior week, I gave up.  Let’s try again in the dawn of early morning.  The animals have been taken care of, Grandson A has been delivered to his school bus for a new week.  Granddaughter N is still sleeping after too many days of no naps and late evenings, daughter K is off substitute teaching, SIL R is at work.

We had a week of celebrations, family, and feasting.  If you are a new reader, we currently have our daughter K, SIL R, and two grands (N is 4 and A is 8) living with us, so our large log home has already been full of family and activity.  From Wednesday morning to Sunday afternoon, we also had our eldest son T, his wife W, and the eldest grandson L (10) here.  In this mix are our two large dogs, K’s large dog and their two house cats.  The rest of the animals, our barn kitty and the chicken flock live outdoors.  The house was a whirl of noise, laughter, color, movement with little time for quiet and calm.  Though the grands only saw each other occasionally prior to January, they have had much more time together in the past 11 months.  N and A have most of their toys in the finished basement, but when T, W, and L are here, they stay in the basement bedroom and on the futon in the sitting area, giving them a bit of private space too.

We feasted.  Thankful for the local sausage, the eggs I stockpiled from my Buffys, goodies grown and preserved from the garden and from the local Farmers’ Market and the 19 pound pasture raised turkey from a local farm.  The turkey was alive on the morning of November 21 and in our refrigerator that afternoon.  T had read an article on spatchcocking a turkey, so we tried it.  I will never prepare roasted whole poultry the traditional way again.  There is very little of the bird left after feeding 9 for most of the week.


It was a week of celebrations as well.  The day we picked up the turkey was my birthday and we celebrated with wood fire baked pizza and later with homemade fudge brownies prepared by K.  Tuesday was N’s birthday, born on Thanksgiving day 4 years ago and we celebrated with Olive Garden and dessert, delaying her party until Saturday.  Thursday we celebrated with the full traditional feast, served family style at our extended dining table.  I wish I had taken a photo with my collection of all hand thrown pottery plates and serving pieces filled with the homegrown or at least locally grown goodies.


Sorry the image is a bit blurry, but it is difficult to photograph a 4 year old on roller skates with a phone camera.

Saturday was birthday party day for the little lady.  She had a roller skating party that included the nine of us, her best friend E with her mother and brother.  Everyone but Mountaingdad and I skated.  The last time I skated, about 14 years ago, I broke a wrist and just don’t want to risk it anymore.  I will still snow ski and bicycle, but not skate.

Yesterday was daughter K’s birthday.  It is difficult for me to accept that our children are adults, all in or near their 30’s with families of their own.  Prior to T’s family leaving to drive home, we all went to a Thai restaurant for lunch to celebrate one last feast together this week.  Later K and her family went to a movie and the house was so quiet after all the activity.  We ended our week of celebrations with a delicious cheesecake (K’s choice), that was made locally by one of the Farmers’ Market vendors, ordered two weeks ago when I was a vendor at the Holiday Market and picked up Saturday at last week’s market.

The household is back to a normal routine for a couple of weeks.  It will be cleaned thoroughly and decorated for Christmas.  After the current winter storm of seasonal temperatures and cold rain end, the tree that T and I cut a couple of weeks ago and finished by T and W over the weekend will be handsplit and stacked in anticipation of warm fires to sit by and enjoy and to provide us with heat when we have winter power outages.  We don’t rely on wood for heating normally, but do burn the fireplace and woodstove when the power is out to keep the house warm enough to be comfortable.

December 12 is the December Holiday Market where I will again set up to vend my soaps, lotion bars, Beard Oils, salves, yarn and knit goods with a couple of gift box additions.  Come on out and shop local for your Holiday gifts, there are many non food vendors there for this with jewelry, blown glass ornaments, beeswax candles, pottery, my wares and more.

This Christmas morning will be exciting with two of our younger grands here to celebrate with T and his family arriving later in the day to have another feast and the second turkey we picked up on the 21st and to spend several more days together.

Maybe some day, we will have all three of our children and their families together for a holiday again.  It might require setting up 5 cots for the grands, a second table for the feasting and eating off paper plates, but it would be grand.