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What a day! 6-12-2017

Typically the rising sun and lighting morning sky is my wake up call.  Laziness until absolutely necessary is the routine, but while helping out at eldest son’s, my bed is a cot and though it is comfortable enough for sleep, it isn’t conducive to lounging about so the morning began around 6 when they got up to go to work.  Having been away for a few days with no rain while they were gone, the plants and seedlings on the porch needed watering and the vegetable garden was dry.  The porch plants were an easy fix.  After they were done, a leisurely bowl of cereal, fruit, and yogurt and a cup of coffee were enjoyed sitting on the porch by the creek, listening to the burble of the water against the rocks while the young one slept in having arrived home very late last night from his birthday celebration with his other grandparents many hours from here.

Creek 1

An attempt was made to do the garden, but a shoe packing failure meant that I spun barefoot yesterday and couldn’t get in the creek to get water today, not wanting to wade in my Birkenstocks or hiking shoes.  Daughter in law’s boots are too large for me, so I waited.  The young one finally got up and a trip the 15 miles or so into town to fill up my car with gas, get a few groceries, especially dairy and meat, and to seek a pair of sandals that could get wet, were comfortable, and not expensive was planned.

We got across the bridge and almost to the shoe shop when braking, my car made a metal on metal grinding noise.  Knowing this wasn’t normal and certainly not good, we headed back toward home, but stopped to call son for a mechanic reference in the town.  Fortunately, the indy shop was able to take my car right in, assist me to get a rental car from across town so that we could get the groceries home and not have to figure out how to spend several hours in the 90º heat, and diagnose the problem as a rear brake issue on the back right side.  The groceries made it home, the water sandals allowed me to step into the edge of the creek to reach a spot deep enough to fill a 5 gallon bucket and the garden got watered after a dozen or so trips from the creek to the garden.  By then I was wilted and ready for a meltdown.

Creek 2

There is a big rock in the middle of the creek and there I sat in the shade with my feet in the cool water until a big crawfish decided my toes looked delicious.  A cool shower to wash off the mud and sweat and a couple of bottles of water refreshed me.

The shop got my car fixed in under 4 hours without putting us in bankruptcy, the rental car was returned and the young one and I returned home. That was the shortest car rental I have ever done, but the cab fare here and back would have been more than the rental and they picked me up at the shop and returned me to the shop when my car was ready.

It has finally cooled down to a reasonable temperature.  Dinner is prepared and awaiting the arrival of son and daughter in law and we will eat.

I am glad my car is back, she is 13 years old this month and has over 200,000 miles on her.  I hope to keep her on the road for much longer.

Horse Carriage and Smoke Signals

This has not been my week for modern conveniences.  As I posted a few days ago, http://wp.me/p3JVVn-zq, I have been having cell phone issues.  We don’t have a land line as the service from our cooperative is sketchy at best, we can’t even call the next county without incurring a toll and the signal is so full of static that we can’t hear the party on the other end of the line.  We rely on our cell phones.  Both of our phones are  about 8 months old and mine won’t hold a charge and gets extremely hot even when everything but calls and texts are turned off.  I had it factory reset, which was supposed to cure it and didn’t.  They have ordered me a warranty phone which is being mailed from Texas and will be here some time next week.  Then I have to go through the set up process again.  If this wasn’t enough for one week, two trips to the cellular store, I also started having car trouble.

When my 91 year old Dad was visiting, http://wp.me/p3JVVn-xj, we used my car as Jim’s is the pup mobile and we realized that every time we braked, it shimmied and pulled to the left.  I had front and rear brakes replaced last May when it was inspected, but it obviously was a brake issue.  I took it in for it to be checked and it was determined that the front rotors needed to be re-machined which fortunately they did not charge me.  Shortly after, I drove it 4 1/2 hours northeast to babysit for our eldest grandson for a week and back last weekend and was concerned that the brakes still didn’t seem quite right.  Wednesday evening, I had the radio off and the windows open and could hear a metallic squeal as I accelerated and more as I braked coming from the right side of the car.  Again, I scheduled a maintenance check with the dealer, 40 minutes from home.  The car was delivered Friday morning and the inevitable call came that the caliper was stuck and had eaten the brake pad and damaged the rotor on the right rear, so 11 months later, the rear brakes were again replaced and not for free.


Perhaps a simpler life isn’t so bad, it would certainly be cheaper.  I know bad news comes in threes if you are superstitious.  I’m glad I’m not, I don’t need anymore bad news this week.