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Horse Carriage and Smoke Signals

This has not been my week for modern conveniences.  As I posted a few days ago, http://wp.me/p3JVVn-zq, I have been having cell phone issues.  We don’t have a land line as the service from our cooperative is sketchy at best, we can’t even call the next county without incurring a toll and the signal is so full of static that we can’t hear the party on the other end of the line.  We rely on our cell phones.  Both of our phones are  about 8 months old and mine won’t hold a charge and gets extremely hot even when everything but calls and texts are turned off.  I had it factory reset, which was supposed to cure it and didn’t.  They have ordered me a warranty phone which is being mailed from Texas and will be here some time next week.  Then I have to go through the set up process again.  If this wasn’t enough for one week, two trips to the cellular store, I also started having car trouble.

When my 91 year old Dad was visiting, http://wp.me/p3JVVn-xj, we used my car as Jim’s is the pup mobile and we realized that every time we braked, it shimmied and pulled to the left.  I had front and rear brakes replaced last May when it was inspected, but it obviously was a brake issue.  I took it in for it to be checked and it was determined that the front rotors needed to be re-machined which fortunately they did not charge me.  Shortly after, I drove it 4 1/2 hours northeast to babysit for our eldest grandson for a week and back last weekend and was concerned that the brakes still didn’t seem quite right.  Wednesday evening, I had the radio off and the windows open and could hear a metallic squeal as I accelerated and more as I braked coming from the right side of the car.  Again, I scheduled a maintenance check with the dealer, 40 minutes from home.  The car was delivered Friday morning and the inevitable call came that the caliper was stuck and had eaten the brake pad and damaged the rotor on the right rear, so 11 months later, the rear brakes were again replaced and not for free.


Perhaps a simpler life isn’t so bad, it would certainly be cheaper.  I know bad news comes in threes if you are superstitious.  I’m glad I’m not, I don’t need anymore bad news this week.